Client checking into one of the cottages at the shelter.

In the right set of unfortunate circumstances, anyone can become displaced and find themselves without a home to call their own. Sadly, people experiencing the trauma of homelessness are a uniquely underserved population in our region.

Since 1989, PCM has worked to break the cycle of homelessness in our community. Our Fresh Start Village seeks to provide a safe, homelike environment, a sense of hope and a sense of self-worth, as well as guidance and access to essential resources

While residency in the Fresh Start Village is limited to single women and single mothers accompanied by children, we also work to assist anyone in a homeless situation. For these individuals PCM works to find the nearest available shelter as well as makes arrangements for food, transportation and other basic needs.

The long-term impact of our work is a safer, healthier community for all. Immediate, short-term resources mean not having to experience the dangers of sleeping in unsafe locations or going hungry. Children will have a safe refuge while their moms begin building a new future. Debt reduction, money management, daily living skills and assistance with housing are some of the strengths of the program.